Monday, December 22, 2003

Come on now, I'm not THAT smart!

OK now this is funny. Ever since I blogged my bogus theory of how ionic field deflectors affect depression, (12/10/03) I've been receiving some very interesting ads in my popups. Nuclear physicists Unite!
THIS LINK is one of the ones I received after writing that!

Fishnet Stockings!

Couldn't resist, had to put this on here too. I only wish they had a picture.
For a good laugh, click HERE.

Losing my Religion

Just looked at the entry from Friday and it says SAGIF. What the heck is the A for?
I have no idea.
I cannot remember.

If you get a chance you really should give a listen to The Jethro Tull Christmas Album. Way cool. I do believe I'll be playing that full blast all day today. He's mastered the avante-gard art of singing and playing at the same time - something I could never do well. It made the dog howl. If I can sing the right note, there's not the right airstream to play the right note... if I concentrate too hard on playing the right note I'm not singing the right note... maybe I was just scared. Have to try that again sometime. If you're a flute player you know what I'm talking about, if not - you'd have to hear it to believe it.

I can't remember the last time I was this not ready for Christmas. Still actually have to buy some gifts and not a thing is wrapped. It's like I'm in denial or something. No no Christmas is still weeks away -- REALLY!

Profundity and philosophical have left the building. There isn't much going on in this muddled brain of mine. Just moving on down the road. Very ADD girl right now - LOOK! There's a bird! Some days cranky, grinchy, petty, and self focused, but underneath that is the real wonderme. I know she's there, if I keep digging around maybe I'll find her. Meanwhile, I'll just groove on Jethro and sip my coffee and pray. Oh, and maybe I'll get some work done too.
"Breathe, pray, be kind, stop grabbing." - Ann Lamott

Friday, December 19, 2003


SOOO Glad It's Friday.

I have not much at all to say today. My words have been used up elsewhere but I'm looking forward to the weekend and hoping that Ice Cream is having a good time in Vegas.

Coffee's ready.... see ya later.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

For a good time click HERE!
Click on each member of the "band" to mix up your favorite sound!


Once again, I'd like to use someone else's words to remind me of something.
The Preacher had this as part of his story today:

"Angels appear, now and again, in the pages of the bible. They are bringers of tidings and aid. You can forget those pictures of fluffy white characters with halos and wings. Real angels mostly scare the hell out of people. You’d be more likely to fill your pants than be filled with joy were you to meet one.

And then sometimes they look like regular people, and no one recognizes them at all.

The writer of Hebrews thought this a serious enough matter that he gave this dire warning:

"You better be kind to strangers, because some have entertained angels and never known it.""
You can read the rest of it by following the link over there to the right ----->
It also made me think of the line from a song "Entertainin Angels by the light of my TV Screen. 24-7 You wait for me. " -- or at least the words sound like that to me.
Not sure what the song meant exactly but the words stuck with me about Entertainin angels. Makes me wonder. Kinda seems likely we've each entertained an angel at some point or another. How would one know? How do we know WE'RE NOT ANGELS???? Hm. well maybe that's not so hard to figure out. That reminds me of something that happened to me in about 1992.
It was a rainy cold rotten yukky day and I was trudging through the puddles to get to my car out in the parking lot. I happened to be going home from class and there was another woman who was getting ready to go in to class. She was trying to manage this huge posterboard for a presentation she had to do in like 5 minutes and was having a terrible time. So I offered to help her with it. We held it between us so its back side was to the wind and it wanted to take off with us like a sail. It was rough going, but we made it and she was very grateful. When we got to her class, she was immediately very busy getting settled in so I just made a quiet exit and went on my way.
I ran into her several weeks later and asked how her presentation went and she gasped and said "OH! you ARE a real person! Can I touch you?" Now, I don't think this lady was acting, because she seemed truly afraid to touch me. She said "I thought you were an angel, because you helped me out at just such a perfect time when I had prayed for help and then I turned around to thank you and you were gone! So all this time I've been telling people I had help from an angel!!"
How fun to get to be an angel to someone for a short time. I almost hated to tell her I was just a simple human being!
So, if you're entertaining me anytime ever - feel free to treat me like an angel. Apparently you just never know!

Monday, December 15, 2003


Just had someone ask me how to spell Mississippi.
Spelled with a southern accent it goes like this:


So there it is.
Thought you might be curious about that on a Monday morning.

Friday, December 12, 2003


Having some serious snow nostalgia today - or I was, at least until it all melted. There were big fluffy white snowflakes this morning covering my car and the street and everything gray and ugly and that was really wonderful.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Was a Happy Jolly Soul

For a good time click HERE.

One day last winter we got quite a bit of snow and I decided to plow my driveway by rolling a snowball down the middle of it. Bad idea. Halfway out to the road, the snowball got too big for me to push and then I was trapped anyway. So I called a friend who, after much snickering and guffawing, agreed to help me roll it on over into the yard. Being a little spacially challenged and not always prone to think very far ahead, the next day I decided I'd make a snowman out of it. However, the next snowball I made for the middle was folly as well, since it was too heavy for me to lift onto the base snowball. So, I had a big ugly dirty fallen over mutated snow creature in my front yard long after the snow melted.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Theorization Station

My theory of Why the Ionic Field Deflector Works Against Depression
by Captainwow
Autoionizing resonances in atoms were first observed by Beutler (1935) and then later by Smitty (1953) in ultraphotoabsorption measurements. Beutler made the first observations but it was Smitty that discovered that they correspond to highly unexcited neutral states where an electron is thrust from a subvalence shell to an unfilled orbital. These autoionizing states lie energetically barely above the lowest ionic states, and they decay to them with the emission of an electron. They occur at well defined photon energies at which direct ionization is also possible. It is the resulting interdependance between the indirect and direct ionization channels that leads to the characteristic shapes known as autoionizing or Beutler - Smitty resonances that are observed in ionization cross sections. If these ionization channels are not interrupted, deep depression sets in for certain living organisms within the biosphere. If the ionic field deflector is defective or otherwise not fully operational, it does not alter these shapes, hence these organisms that are ultra sensitive to such resonances experience disruptive subvalences within the synapses between neurons residing primarily in brain cells. Serotonin is subsequently not released in sufficient quantities to maintain a sense of well being.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Sushi Day

It's Sushi Day here at Melange. Paula and I are making sushi for lunch. Well, California rolls, really - so not the raw kind. I've had sushi on the brain for a long time now, in fact I woulda thought I'd be pretty sick of it by now. But I'm NOT!!
Anyway, did you know there is sushi etiquette? If you are curious, click HERE. Who knew? I smell a Sushi party in our future!

Coffee's brewing, the ionic field deflector is back up to 99% operation and most systems are back online after the crash. The birds are beginning to sing tentatively and everything is star dappled and green again.

In other news, Swashbuckling Roommate is up to no good with her renovation of the house. There is now drywall on the foyer and stair wall and upstairs hallway. In this case, I think that swashbuckler could be defined as a fierce, crow bar wielding woman with a pony tail and plaster in her hair rather than a flamboyant swordsman.
Yes, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean last night. Memorable quote: " I think we've all reached a very special place, I say? Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically?" - Jack Sparrow

Monday, December 08, 2003

I Like Big Ashes

The ionic field deflector is 85% operational. The facial tics are starting to subside and I'm sensing a little less hostility from the aliens in my head. This is progress.

I just remembered over Thanksgiving weekend, Kevin and I and his mom were playing Scrabble and Kevin got five E's and two I's. No kidding - all vowels!! HAHAHA
Very funny
- to us. not much fun for him.

The Speakeasy party Friday night was a hit. Went well. That Pat, she throws a great party. Best part (at least for the time I was there) was when Mark nailed Sandi with a water gun Uzi. Worst part was spilling my wine all over the table. OOPS. OK wait, the BEST part was singing Happy Birthday Badly to Jane and Cheryl. Ya, that was the best part. Doing it again was great too!

Friday, December 05, 2003


Just finished getting ready for a tax audit at work - WHEW.
Papercuts and dust sneezes.
So weird to find a box labeled 1995 with MY writing on it down there in the dusty old archives. I feel ancient, but that's not ALL that long ago!

The best part of today was the coffee.

In other news, I expertly avoided depression at the mall during my lunch hour. Went shopping for a pair of pants and started the downward spiral at pair #3. Then I consciously told myself a joke to make me laugh and went out and found more to try on. Finally found one, and my self esteem remained somewhat intact.
Then went to the glasses place for an adjustment of the new frames. They had a VICE GRIP on my skull right behind my ears- OW!!
No wonder I've felt like snarky all week. My glasses were squeezing my brains out. But they do look great, so I have given them a second chance.

Things are a little off around here, but once we get the ionic field deflector fixed we'll be all set.

Going JEsus' take on the liturgical calendar from the other day's entry in her blog is good stuff... if you get a chance, hop over there and read it.

155 days to the wedding
140 things on the to do list

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Long Weekend

Had a pretty good weekend. The Kevmo and I went to WI to visit his mom. It was my first time in Wisconsin other than layovers in Milwaukee. We had clear roads and sun and the drive went pretty quick. We seemed to have plenty to talk about which helped.
On the way back, our friend rode with us which was great fun. It was nice to get to know him better. I've known him for a long long time but didn't really know him. 8 or 9 hours is a long time in a car, so I'd say we all know each other a lot better!
It's something we don't do much - listen to each others' stories for any length of time. It's a good thing to do - and road trips are great for that.
Oh, and I locked the keys in the car - while it was running! Hooray for me!
I just got OUT of the car. Didn't turn it off, didn't take the keys out, just got out and went in to Arby's to eat. Ya baby, I was all about the food I guess. So the locksmith came and taught us how to break into my car. Nice of him. What Anne Lamott would call KFKD radio started to play for just a second in one ear but not too very long, it turned out to be funny. I was thankful for travelling companions who were patient and could laugh with me about it, cause in the whole skeem of things it ain't no biggie.

So it's December now.
158 days to wedded bliss.
142 items on my wedding to do list.