Thursday, May 27, 2004

Malfunction Junction

Well, we here at the offices of Captainwow seem to have effed something up again.
Which is very uncool, and I do apologize.
Meanwhile, I've deleted my post with Mr. Elephant Towel Picture and the only item on my sidebar is my little About Me blurb, which if you've already read, is not very exciting.

Meanwhile, I've emailed Blogger Support and if they are as wonderfully efficient and helpful as last time, we'll have this thing back up and back to "normal" again in no time.

In other news headlines today:
I don't have to work tomorrow!
Or the next day.
Or the next day.
Or the next day.

YA BABY! Happy Memorial Day WEEKEND!!

Monday, May 24, 2004

Password Infection

Too many Passwords.
That's what's wrong in our society today!
Those darn kids have gone and gotten us too many Passwords.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Ya Ya Sisterhood And More

Sunday Morning........... aaah.
I LOVE lazy Sunday mornings. This morning I got up and found my way down to the coffee pot. Did the morning coffee ritual and then sat and looked out at the soggy day for a while. I thought of Seattle's Son's prayer:

"Dear Jesus,
Thank you for the potty and the shower. You are so strong, you're like a Power Ranger.

I've had a cold all week. Nasty thing. It teased me by getting better on Wednesday, so I thought I'd kicked this thing in the butt but NOO-ooo. So yesterday I stayed home and rested. Rested FIERCELY! I was The NAP WARRIOR!
My prayer this morning was:

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for DayQuil and NyQuil and White Blood Cells.
Make them so strong they work like Power Rangers!

I read the rest of The Secret Life of Bees yesterday - that thar is a purty durned good book! I'd recommend it. There's a lot of information sprinkled in there about bees. My dad did some bee keeping so most of the imagery was familiar, however I hadn't thought of much of it as a metaphor for life. There's so much in the book that I found painful to read, but like so many American Novels, it has a happy ending. I like how the women in the book don't simply snap with circumstances and let life continually beat them down. Together they find faith and inner strength that helps them journey together in community and they find ways to nurture each other and themselves.

I'm fortunate to be able to identify richly with that idea. Many of the women in my life - they are so strong, they are like Power Rangers! With Faith and Inner Strenth and Sisterhood and Motherhood and Community and much more - they haven't let life break and sap them. On the outside, they look like most women, but when no one's looking they fight evil and slay fire breathing dragons and rescue princes and princesses!
- And I get to hang out with them!
I have what the girl in the book found - a sort of Ya Ya Sisterhood, only without all the chanting and with only a little of the weirdness!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Clap yo' hands and SHOUT!

She's ba-aaaaack!

Mawci's back -- check out the deoderant link over there ------------->

In the last two days I've had two random out of the blue memories come back to me at really odd times.

The first one was when I came out of a freezing cold restaraunt and got into my nice sun baked car. It instantly reminded me of Coumbia Road Baptist Church and summer days when the air conditioning was cranked high so the people in their choir robes wouldn't cook to death. I and my skinny little bony butt would sit on that cold pew with my little summer dress and pray for the pastor to hurry up and finish. My stomach would growl loudly and I was too young to realize everyone's stomach does that and it's no big deal. Besides, when you're a kid you think everyone can hear EVERYTHING and all bodily noises that happen in public are deathly embarassing. So I'd sit there and feel my face burn and I'd think about lunch. Good little Captain Wow wasn't drinking in every word being said from that pulpit, I was daydreaming of pot roast and all of Mom's great food soon to be eaten. I was itching to get out of there and go play in the warm sun! Finally we'd stand up and sing the final hymn and eventually we'd pile into the baking hot car to go home and I would soak up all the heat I could - I loved it.

The other thing I remembered was just a few minutes ago.

When I was a little kid and couldn't fall asleep when I should be taking a nap, I would make hand shadows on the wall with my "puppet" hands. I'd have great conversations between these two hands, making talking shadows in the sun square on the wall by my bed.

Hand 1: "Hello, How are YOU?"
Hand 2: "I'm fine, and you?"
Hand 1: "You have a big nose!"
Hand 2: "No I do not!"
Hand 1: "Do too."
Hand 1: "AAAH AAAH!! Please don't Bite me!"
Hand 1 & Hand 2: "GRRR!! GRRR!!" (Bite CHOMP Bite) "GRRR!"
Hand 1: "Let's KISS!"
Hand 2: "OK!"
Hand 1 & Hand 2: "MMMMMMWWWWWWWAAAAAH!! Mwah MWAAH! mmwah"

I was all about kissing there for a while. My dolls kissed, my cars and trucks kissed, I made the stuffed animals kiss each other - everyone kissed. And when I played hand puppets, they kissed too and everyone always kissed with their heads rotating from side to side like on old movies, that dramatic Gone With The Wind style fake kissing thing they used to do in movies.

So there you have it - two little jaunts down memory lane brought to you via Deoderant's blog post on nap time and Headless' post having to do with Lip Plumping.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Cabdain Wow Hath a Code

Well howdy thar, you! I be back.
I've a head full of cotton and not many words to spare, but I'm back.
All went well. The wedding was super dooper and the reception and honeymoon too. If we had big bucks it would be great to throw a party like that every couple of years just to see everyone!

I'd wear a different dress though.

You'd think there'd be plenty of material rattling around in my brain to write about but all I can think of at this moment is this packet of ketchup sitting on my desk. It's saying "Write about ME! Please! OOO! OO! Pick ME! Pick MEEEEE!" But that just makes me hungry for McDonald's french fries.

So with that not so clever paragraph I'll sign off and promise to write more another time.
Don't talk to strangers, drive carefully, and don't take candy from anyone you don't know!!

Monday, May 03, 2004

Our Little Captainwow Is Growing Up

This was my last weekend as a Bachelorette --
Complete with Mandarin Absolute, Cranberry Juice, Frangelico, Gorganzola stuffed Olives, Stilletto Cheese (or whatever it's called) Bombay Sapphire and Djarums, great laughs and conversation and porch time.
Moving the rest of my stuff into Kevin's house was made even more entertaining by the discovery that the queen box springs do NOT fit up the stairs. (help!?!) And that the doors to the U Haul didn't latch properly so our trip back to return the truck was both terrifying and hilarious. The doors did a slow ballet all the way up Alpine and since Pat and I were following in the car we got to observe the whole thing. We were alternately afraid the doors would smack another car, and laughing our heads off at how crazy it looked.
After that we celebrated at - appropriately - Tequila Willy's. This was an adventure since none of us had ever even heard of it before. Not a bad place, pretty good food and great Margaritas!
All that to say I feel like I had a really nice weekend that actually felt long enough and I'm ready to tackle the week - which only contains ONE day of work in the corporate world. Then I'm off for 2 weeks to get married and honeymooned.
So, in case you don't hear from me in a while, that's what I'll be doing.