Monday, November 22, 2004

Purging Again

Here we are again, de-cluttering some more. We combined households and then we got MORE STUFF when we got married. For which we are very grateful for, but of course now there is TOO MUCH stacked around, so we are working on getting rid of a lot of the old and unused. A truckload went to Salvation Army today. Well, A CR-V load. That's not quite a truckload, but it's a fair amount. We'll have to do this in layers, I think. Like most good things, it can't all happen at once or we'd become overwhelmed and blow a joy fuse, I guess.

In other news, Mocha has lost more weight and is feeling like a kitten again. Almost. She can get on the bed now about 60% of the time. Now her belly swings even MORE when she runs - which can be quite comical. We could maybe have the vet do a tummytuck for her like they do with folks who lose a lot of weight and then have saggy skin, but that might be a bit much. Both cats are on a higher protein diet - not to be confused with Atkins - only to be more true to their carnivorous digestive systems. They seem to not only LOVE the canned food but do better on it.

And they poop less, I'm pretty sure. This is good.

As for me, I've been back to the working out thing and eating less and not seeing any success from that really to speak of, but my knees hurt less and I find I'm having more energy most days. Yesterday was an exception. I could have slept all day. I got up, read some, sat some. Layed on the couch and watched I Am Sam and of course cried because Sam is so sweet and it's such a heartbreaking story. Then I made lunch and we ate lunch and I took a nap. After that it was time to sit on the couch and watch the Nextel Race with Amazing Man for a couple of hours, after which we proceeded to our Sunday night Gathering where we ate and sat some more. After that we came home and I layed on the couch and watched movies and TV until 1 AM. Watched The Wool Cap. Another Tear Jerker. sigh.....

Today though, today is Make Up For Yesterday Day.

So far so good.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Catch A Tiger By His Toe

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo
Grab the Toe of a Tiger Yo
Holler if he tells you go
Just don't call his mom a Ho.

Monday, November 08, 2004


Amazing Man and Captainwow have now been married for 6 months.

And we still look at each other sometimes and say "Can you believe it? We're MARRIED!!"

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Fresh Air, Less Clutter

Ah yes... I've just Picked Up the upstairs. This is not to be confused with Cleaning - which happened the last time we had company. Picking Up helps me feel less stressed. Cleaning does too but Picking Up the Clutter helps me get to the next cleaning day and not feel completely out of whack. Today, Picking Up is coupled with Airing Out. I opened all the windows even though it is cold, just to get some fresh air moving through. Fresh Air + Less Clutter = Happier Me.

Picked up 4 pairs of shoes just lying on the floor in my office. Well, 5, if you count the slippers too. Why not just put them in the closet where they belong? I don't know, I just don't. I kick them off then I sit down and check my email, read the blogs, whatever....

And as I dumped the shoes into the closet I got all metaphorical on myself and thought about how a significant amount of energy is spent in my life Managing The Clutter - both physical and existential. I Avoid The Clutter. I Deny The Clutter. I Push The Clutter Around and Live In The Clutter. I become Blind to the Clutter even though I continually Trip Over the Clutter. I live peacefully with some Clutter and Declare War on Other Clutter. Sometimes I need help with my Clutter but embarassment about my Clutter prevents me asking for help with my Clutter... I could go on and on.

Meanwhile, I'm always Creating More Clutter...