Saturday, May 31, 2008

On Summer and Sleeping and Knitted Hats

Dang, man. I've been gone too long again. I think some of my faithful readers have moved on - and I don't blame you.

Last summer I took the summer off, remember? Well there's no need for that this summer, since I don't seem to get to this much anyway! haha

I've finished up phase two at Marywood for Spiritual Direction, and have one more year to go. Our last paper is due 2 weeks after the last meeting date, so I still have that hanging over my head - all 8 pages. But I'll get to it. And then School's out for the summer. And Alice Cooper isn't coming around, either.

So anyway... We have a very lively and wonderful 2 year old in our house who has finally figured out how to SLEEP. It's a whole new world. Having a rested boy and two rested parents makes for a much more sane family.

We're a little less overwhelmed than we were this time last year, and this time last year we didn't have our 2nd car... I'm feeling less trapped and more free. Samson loves to walk and watch the cars so we get to go sit outside the coffee shop and that suits us both quite well.

This morning we walked to the Farmers Market and got some vegetables. The weather was lovely and it always is exciting to me when the produce starts filling up the stalls. I planted my own lettuce and Arugula this year, so we'll see how that goes. Need to figure out a fence that Mr. Groundhog and Miss Bunny Sue can't get through.

Mr. Hobbes was in the hospital for a few days, and is now much better. I won't go into the details, but have you ever heard of a cat getting an enema? Well I hadn't, and thankfully it wasn't anything I had to do myself! Suffice it to say, he feels much better now. Mocha continues to lose weight as Samson learns how to keep her on the move. He loves chasing her and playing with her. She seems to love it too, and the ounces are just falling off!

My 20 year High School reunion is coming up - so yup, that makes me about 38. Did you know that? Anyway, it doesnt' seem like I'm thinking about it that much but I keep on dreaming about it and dreaming about people from H.S. that I haven't thought of in years... so wild.

Am finishing up Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth, and it's blowing my mind. Any of you read that? Some of it is not what I'm ready for yet, some of it is re-stating things I've already read or thought, but overall It's been really a good read.

Amazing Man continues to be Amazing... He's been taking a course at Marywood too, and it's been fun for us to talk about stuff related. We're both looking forward to doing some camping this summer and we already took Mr Sam on a little hike at a trail nearby. He loved it!

Need a baby gift? Go here: mymarketstall - I met this lady a couple of years ago, and we bought Samson a pumpkin hat there... here's a photo:

So stinkin CUTE!!! Anyway, her stuff is all soft snuggly quality wool - go checkitout!!