Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Keep'n It Gangsta Dogg

Someone did this to my blog the other day. I found it in Site Meter. (Caught ya!)

**Do Not Read On if you are Allergic to Foul Language.

Because I am not, generally speaking, and I found this quite rappa tizzle! Try it on your own blog!! And SpookyRach, if you're readin, read on down to the link I gave you and what it says about you!! Straight trippin!

Here's just one post, if you don't want to linky link:

How Very Zen of Me
I was straight trippin' a bizzy tha otha day n it had a section in there `bout some Zen practices T-H-to-tha-izzat apply ta thugz like me . Keep'n it gangsta dogg. Mean'n, simplicizzles n not ho-slappin' ta multitask so mizzle . Tru niggaz do niggaz. When sitt'n, jizzle sit. Wizzle bustin' just walk. Wizzle eat'n, just eat. etc...I like this coz I have believed fo` a long time tizzle multitask'n was mostly not so wonderful fo` me n' shit. Miznuch of tha time T-H-to-tha-izzat I'm messin' I'm doing a few th'n not so wizzle when in F-to-tha-izzact I maybe could be doing one thing really spectacularly. W-H-to-tha-izzen Sam takes a nap I feel tha need ta makes sure I use tha time wisely n this by mah own habits, means git tha mizzy done possible n if possible, do it all at tha same tizzy. Obviously it's not practical fo` me ta put wash in tha washa n thizzay stand there n watch it go . Snoop dogg is in this bitch. Usually, at least. It mizzight be good now n again, fo` some therapizzles purposes, but generally , T-H-to-tha-izzat would be silly. But wizzy I was clockin' Sam's bottles every day, I would try hard ta think ta me "I am saggin' THIS bottle, right niznow." To try ta stay in tha moment n not be so freaked out `bout try'n ta do it quickly so I could move on ta tha niznext th'n. I cizzay say it always worked, but I tried it cuz this is how we do it. Whiznen I did thizzat, mah bizzle would be less tense, n I enjoyed tha process a whole lot more . It dont stop till the wheels fall off. I tried this while rollin` around doing errands tha killa day , betta check yo self. I jizzust drove. I kept think'n `bout brotha th'n like all tha th'n I needed/wanted ta do n then I would tense up now motherfuckers lemme here ya say hoe. Soon I would realize thizzat n say ta me "I'm jizzy driv'n." My muscles would relax, mah mind would cizzalm down, n then we'd go through tha process all over again. Red light, green light, Wizzy IS Tizzle BASS TURD doing Gang Bangin' mah BUMPER!?!??? Wait! I'm driv'n, rollin` rollin` la la la...... I wasn't all thizzat bootylicious at it actually. But I have ta say that particizzle exercise also wasn't entirely tha bizzy fo` T-H-to-tha-izzat moment, coz wizzle I gots home, I realized that in rollin` so intently, I forgot thizzat I had intended ta drive ta Walgreens ta piznick up prints, not ta mah house!!

Friday, March 23, 2007


Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

How Very Zen of Me

I was reading a book the other day and it had a section in there about some Zen practices that apply to people like me. Meaning, simplicity, and not trying to multitask so much.

When sitting, just sit.
When walking, just walk.
When eating, just eat.

I like this because I have believed for a long time that multitasking was mostly not so wonderful for me. Much of the time that I'm multitasking, I'm doing a few things not so well when in fact I maybe could be doing one thing really spectacularly. When Sam takes a nap I feel the need to make sure I use the time wisely and this by my own habits, means get the most done possible and if possible, do it all at the same time.

Obviously it's not practical for me to put wash in the washer and then stand there and watch it go. Usually, at least. It might be good now and again, for some therapeutic purposes, but generally , that would be silly. But when I was washing Sam's bottles every day, I would try hard to think to myself "I am washing THIS bottle, right now." To try to stay in the moment and not be so freaked out about trying to do it quickly so I could move on to the next thing. I can't say it always worked, but I tried it. When I did that, my body would be less tense, and I enjoyed the process a whole lot more.

I tried this while driving around doing errands the other day. I just drove. I kept thinking about other things like all the things I needed/wanted to do and then I would tense up. Soon I would realize that and say to myself "I'm just driving." My muscles would relax, my mind would calm down, and then we'd go through the process all over again. Red light, green light, WHAT IS THAT BASS TURD doing Riding my BUMPER!?!??? Wait! I'm driving, driving driving la la la...... I wasn't all that great at it actually.

But I have to say that particular exercise also wasn't entirely the best for that moment, because when I got home, I realized that in driving so intently, I forgot that I had intended to drive to Walgreens to pick up prints, not to my house!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Random Thoughts

I used to think that anyone could sing. (unless they were completely tone deaf) Just give them some singing lessons and a lot of affirmation and they'd be singing pretty well. But now I've seen American Idol and I realize I was wrong.

The folks on American Idol who cannot sing I am envious of because they really think they can! How cool would that be to think so highly of yourself?

Today I cut 9 of Sam's 10 little fingernails before he'd had enough. Go MOM!

Mocha is 11 years old and Sam is 1. Sam is already smarter than Mocha.

I had a dream the other night in which I told some chick off with fluent Ebonics. (the fluent Ebonics were mine, not hers)

Sam and I have gone for walks 3 days in a row!! Today he was fascinated by the big BUS! The AMBULANCE! And the DEAD SQUIRREL!

How in the WORLD am I going to deal with having a little boy when I hate dirt and bugs and dead stuff!?

I hope The Office is a new episode tonight, and I'm more LOST about LOST than ever. Anyone else?

Friday, March 02, 2007

A Terrific Couple!

If you love sushi, and you love wine, then you'll love OROYA with your sushi!! Let me tell you, we've tried MANY combinations, and this one is the biggest rock star!


Deep Thoughts by Frack Mandy

If there's a storm, it's better not to tell a child that the lightening is God, taking our picture!
And that when it thunders, it's because we weren't smiling!!

When hosting a party, and planning a buffet line, always serve your aged Manchego cheese pre-sliced or pre-cubed.
No one wants to cut the cheese while waiting in line for dinner.

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