Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Keep'n It Gangsta Dogg

Someone did this to my blog the other day. I found it in Site Meter. (Caught ya!)

**Do Not Read On if you are Allergic to Foul Language.

Because I am not, generally speaking, and I found this quite rappa tizzle! Try it on your own blog!! And SpookyRach, if you're readin, read on down to the link I gave you and what it says about you!! Straight trippin!

Here's just one post, if you don't want to linky link:

How Very Zen of Me
I was straight trippin' a bizzy tha otha day n it had a section in there `bout some Zen practices T-H-to-tha-izzat apply ta thugz like me . Keep'n it gangsta dogg. Mean'n, simplicizzles n not ho-slappin' ta multitask so mizzle . Tru niggaz do niggaz. When sitt'n, jizzle sit. Wizzle bustin' just walk. Wizzle eat'n, just eat. etc...I like this coz I have believed fo` a long time tizzle multitask'n was mostly not so wonderful fo` me n' shit. Miznuch of tha time T-H-to-tha-izzat I'm messin' I'm doing a few th'n not so wizzle when in F-to-tha-izzact I maybe could be doing one thing really spectacularly. W-H-to-tha-izzen Sam takes a nap I feel tha need ta makes sure I use tha time wisely n this by mah own habits, means git tha mizzy done possible n if possible, do it all at tha same tizzy. Obviously it's not practical fo` me ta put wash in tha washa n thizzay stand there n watch it go . Snoop dogg is in this bitch. Usually, at least. It mizzight be good now n again, fo` some therapizzles purposes, but generally , T-H-to-tha-izzat would be silly. But wizzy I was clockin' Sam's bottles every day, I would try hard ta think ta me "I am saggin' THIS bottle, right niznow." To try ta stay in tha moment n not be so freaked out `bout try'n ta do it quickly so I could move on ta tha niznext th'n. I cizzay say it always worked, but I tried it cuz this is how we do it. Whiznen I did thizzat, mah bizzle would be less tense, n I enjoyed tha process a whole lot more . It dont stop till the wheels fall off. I tried this while rollin` around doing errands tha killa day , betta check yo self. I jizzust drove. I kept think'n `bout brotha th'n like all tha th'n I needed/wanted ta do n then I would tense up now motherfuckers lemme here ya say hoe. Soon I would realize thizzat n say ta me "I'm jizzy driv'n." My muscles would relax, mah mind would cizzalm down, n then we'd go through tha process all over again. Red light, green light, Wizzy IS Tizzle BASS TURD doing Gang Bangin' mah BUMPER!?!??? Wait! I'm driv'n, rollin` rollin` la la la...... I wasn't all thizzat bootylicious at it actually. But I have ta say that particizzle exercise also wasn't entirely tha bizzy fo` T-H-to-tha-izzat moment, coz wizzle I gots home, I realized that in rollin` so intently, I forgot thizzat I had intended ta drive ta Walgreens ta piznick up prints, not ta mah house!!


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