Sunday, November 07, 2004

Fresh Air, Less Clutter

Ah yes... I've just Picked Up the upstairs. This is not to be confused with Cleaning - which happened the last time we had company. Picking Up helps me feel less stressed. Cleaning does too but Picking Up the Clutter helps me get to the next cleaning day and not feel completely out of whack. Today, Picking Up is coupled with Airing Out. I opened all the windows even though it is cold, just to get some fresh air moving through. Fresh Air + Less Clutter = Happier Me.

Picked up 4 pairs of shoes just lying on the floor in my office. Well, 5, if you count the slippers too. Why not just put them in the closet where they belong? I don't know, I just don't. I kick them off then I sit down and check my email, read the blogs, whatever....

And as I dumped the shoes into the closet I got all metaphorical on myself and thought about how a significant amount of energy is spent in my life Managing The Clutter - both physical and existential. I Avoid The Clutter. I Deny The Clutter. I Push The Clutter Around and Live In The Clutter. I become Blind to the Clutter even though I continually Trip Over the Clutter. I live peacefully with some Clutter and Declare War on Other Clutter. Sometimes I need help with my Clutter but embarassment about my Clutter prevents me asking for help with my Clutter... I could go on and on.

Meanwhile, I'm always Creating More Clutter...


  • Nothing like cleaning to conjur up spiritual metaphor. What a great visual of "baggage." I especially liked the "tripped over" clutter image.
    I've still got all that trim in my foyer (they haven't picked it up yet). Hard to believe I could get somehow used to all that stuff sitting there, but I have. This morning as I was getting it ready to be hauled off, I had this thought of an uncluttered foyer, and it was like a light went on in my soul. Kind of like Holy Spirit heart glimpses of freedom.
    Thanks for the great post Captain!

    By Blogger Just Pat, at 11/07/2004 4:36 PM  

  • Our front entry is a clutter trap.
    There is a small rug where we place our shoes on so that we do not bring in too much dirt.
    The rug is big enough for about 8 pairs of shoes. Unfortunately there usually about 14 pairs left in a clutter there. It takes a heroic effort during chore time for somebody to do more than staighten them.
    Many pairs are left next to the rug. We have been known to leave shoes that we no longer wear there for months.

    ... After reading your post I just had to remove those pairs of shoes that people seldom or never wear. I am now looking at an entry way with only 7 pairs of shoes. You can actually see the rug!

    Take Care

    By Blogger Michael, at 11/07/2004 8:19 PM  

  • I have been told that my issues with clutter are because I am a creative person. That it is perfectly normal for creative ppl to have clutter and be challenged by clutter. My counselor Pete says that clutter is a part of life for ppl who LIVE active lives. That it doesn't make us bad ppl and if visitors come over and see and they don't like it, they don't have to come back. Visitors who come over and visit because they love us and like us, are not going to see the clutter or mind it as we think they will. Anyway, we love you and I don't mind clutter! (Seth just thinks he minds!And only in our house...But he's getting over it!) teehee :)

    By Blogger Janet & Seth, at 11/08/2004 7:01 AM  

  • My high "i" friend -

    You've inspired me by your straightening vs. cleaning - I decided this morning I'm not going to wait for just the right light fixture for the livingroom ceiling. I'll buy something affordable and reasonably attractive so I'm not staring at the wire and bare switch box anymore.


    By Blogger Just Pat, at 11/08/2004 7:04 AM  

  • (Just wanted to say you had a funny comment on BC's site, but I didn't want to add my name to that argument - so HA! Funny!)

    By Blogger Headless-in-GR, at 11/08/2004 11:06 AM  

  • Our whole house is a clutter trap, with nine people living in 1500 square feet -- and that's *counting* the basement, which has three bedrooms. Our four eldest are full grown, so that's like six adults and three children in our home. And two dogs... and two cats... and four gerbils... not to mention the fact that some of us are packrats... Living With Clutter? Yes, I can identify!! :oP

    By Blogger Willena, at 11/08/2004 11:18 AM  

  • Rambling on...

    I too have been trying to de-clutter things. My thought is if I have less clutter then there will be less things to clean up. In theory it sounds great but I am not sure that "creative" people like us are capable of de-cluttering so much that someone would notice. I do feel better about my house and the efforts that I have made. I think clutter is proof that we are living and care. Yes, I could throw out that coupon, that brochure on duct cleaning, etc. but one day I will wish I had it so I don't.

    This weekend my whole counter was "my" clutter according to my hubby. It wasn't true, it was just that things that are assigned to him with his name were taken care of. But what about the things that we just do??? Boy did he get an education. I taught him how to take care of his toddlers things too. So you better watch it when you accuse someone of being the "cluttery" chances are if you are pointing fingers then you are helping to manage the clutter.

    By Blogger JustMe, at 11/08/2004 12:00 PM  

  • On the other hand, I actually enjoy my friends' clutter sometimes. It is like pieces of them sitting out for me to see. It's like they aren't afraid I'll look too closely and judge them by their clutter; they are sharing an intimate piece of their lives with me. I like your clutter, wow!

    By Blogger ., at 11/08/2004 4:49 PM  

  • Clutter triggers my ADD. I'll be talking or thinking and walk into clutter...and...can'

    By Blogger Headless-in-GR, at 11/08/2004 9:44 PM  

  • hmmmm... It seems to me that the solution to my clutter problem is the fact that I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF! I spend much more time, engergy and money on making my life as comfortable and fashionable as possible than caring about and for other people. I think this is one of the main reasons that American christianity is IMPOTENT. Oops, this wasn't supposed to get theological. Jesus forgive me anyway for my clutter!

    St D

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/09/2004 3:35 PM  

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