Thursday, May 20, 2004

Clap yo' hands and SHOUT!

She's ba-aaaaack!

Mawci's back -- check out the deoderant link over there ------------->

In the last two days I've had two random out of the blue memories come back to me at really odd times.

The first one was when I came out of a freezing cold restaraunt and got into my nice sun baked car. It instantly reminded me of Coumbia Road Baptist Church and summer days when the air conditioning was cranked high so the people in their choir robes wouldn't cook to death. I and my skinny little bony butt would sit on that cold pew with my little summer dress and pray for the pastor to hurry up and finish. My stomach would growl loudly and I was too young to realize everyone's stomach does that and it's no big deal. Besides, when you're a kid you think everyone can hear EVERYTHING and all bodily noises that happen in public are deathly embarassing. So I'd sit there and feel my face burn and I'd think about lunch. Good little Captain Wow wasn't drinking in every word being said from that pulpit, I was daydreaming of pot roast and all of Mom's great food soon to be eaten. I was itching to get out of there and go play in the warm sun! Finally we'd stand up and sing the final hymn and eventually we'd pile into the baking hot car to go home and I would soak up all the heat I could - I loved it.

The other thing I remembered was just a few minutes ago.

When I was a little kid and couldn't fall asleep when I should be taking a nap, I would make hand shadows on the wall with my "puppet" hands. I'd have great conversations between these two hands, making talking shadows in the sun square on the wall by my bed.

Hand 1: "Hello, How are YOU?"
Hand 2: "I'm fine, and you?"
Hand 1: "You have a big nose!"
Hand 2: "No I do not!"
Hand 1: "Do too."
Hand 1: "AAAH AAAH!! Please don't Bite me!"
Hand 1 & Hand 2: "GRRR!! GRRR!!" (Bite CHOMP Bite) "GRRR!"
Hand 1: "Let's KISS!"
Hand 2: "OK!"
Hand 1 & Hand 2: "MMMMMMWWWWWWWAAAAAH!! Mwah MWAAH! mmwah"

I was all about kissing there for a while. My dolls kissed, my cars and trucks kissed, I made the stuffed animals kiss each other - everyone kissed. And when I played hand puppets, they kissed too and everyone always kissed with their heads rotating from side to side like on old movies, that dramatic Gone With The Wind style fake kissing thing they used to do in movies.

So there you have it - two little jaunts down memory lane brought to you via Deoderant's blog post on nap time and Headless' post having to do with Lip Plumping.


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