Wednesday, April 21, 2004

You're so vain. I bet you think this blog is about you.

Speaking of Vanity (which we weren't).......

I'm currently in the process of whitening my teeth with one of those Crest Whitening Kits. My dentist says it works well and isn't bad for me but I should drink coffee through a straw (and red wine) or it will just stain my teeth even more. This is of course because I am unwilling to go two weeks without caffeine.

Yes, I know that caffeine is the root of all evil. Feh!

So ya............Hi, I'm Captainwow and I am an unrepentant caffeine addict and I am much more vain than I'd like to be.

Everyone in unison: Hi, Captainwow!

In Other News, I got me wonathoze fancy shmancy LCD Flat Panel Monitors last night.
I feel so much less crowded now. The old one was of course the size of a row boat and I had to HIT it several times to get the picture to stabilize.
Bruised and battered, it finally it got tired of my abuse and left me altogether.
On the rebound, I went right out the next night and got me a new one.
I think I'm in love.....


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