Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Snarkiest One Of All?

If you're keeping track, and I know you are -- my mood is now Snarky. Went from Blessed to Snarky in one day. Or maybe two. Yesterday I was too snarky to update it.

My snarkiness is peeking through the Prozacsphere and causing my Ionic Field Deflector to malfunction again. But I will repair the damage before the warp coil is affected, have no fear. Just be sure to spit your gum out before securing your helmet for take off. Otherwise you'll have to swallow it.

SNARK really is a word, according to the dictionary:
ADJECTIVE: Inflected forms: snark·i·er, snark·i·est
Slang Irritable or short-tempered; irascible.
ETYMOLOGY: From dialectal snark, to nag, from snark, snork, to snore, snort, from Dutch and Low German snorken, of imitative origin.

Ok? -- cause I'm still BLESSED. And I know this.


It feels like this: that phrase from Steven King's "The Dark Half":
" The George George Starked over the Starky Stark."

When this writer who's NOT named George Stark begins growing a "tumor" or alter ego named George Stark and doesn't know it until he goes to type in his name on his typewriter only to find he can type nothing but George Stark. So he closes his eyes really tight and concentrates as hard as he can and tries to type "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog". He opens his eyes to see that he has succeeded only in typing "The George George Starked over the Starky Stark."

Rhymes with: "The Gin Gin Snarked over the Snarky Snark!"


If I was a penguin it would look a little like THIS.


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