Wednesday, March 31, 2004

What are you wearing?

Today I am wearing a tie dyed T shirt over a blue long sleeved shirt. (remember when that was geeky?) and I'm wearing a blue and black and green and teal polka dotted scarf. And dark blue jeans and hiking shoes.
To work.
We're having a party today for turning 15 as a company.
So it feels like friday. At first I dressed this way because I got a call at 10:30 PM telling me that the boss says let's all wear our tie dye stuff tomorrow. It woke me up so I had the I just woke up and I'm retarded thing going on. I didn't remember how to answer the phone. Honestly, I had the phone in my hand but I couldn't figure it out in time to get the call. So I got the voice mail instead. And then I went back to sleep for the night. Right before waking up this morning I had a wild werid incohesive but scary dream last night involving a terrorist that looked like the Soup Nazi guy on Seinfeld and his wife who looked like a woman I met at a gallery last week. And my Mom and the Kevmo and prayers and magic and fear and sexual frustration and doom and home improvements and buying too much product to sell for a pyramid scheme then deciding to return it -- all in one dream! Whew!

So I think that what I'm wearing is actually a fitting representation of my dream life. A plethora of styles and a riot of color and sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it doesn't!


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