Monday, April 05, 2004

Architecturally Challenged

I saw a link that was so funny once. It said Click HERE to continue clicking pointlessly. So of course I clicked there and nothing happened.
I thought about doing that to you guys but figured I'd just tell you about it instead. But actually if you'd like to experience it for yourself you may click on the the word HERE and see what happens.
In other news, For 3 hours now, this poor Robin has been trying to get in the building. He tries each window and then he goes around and tries it again. I've chased him off, talked nicely to him, yelled at him, tried reasoning with him (or her) via psychic gentle thinking at him - and all to no avail. It's quite stressful for a couple of reasons. It's distracting, (cause I honestly AM trying to work today) and it seems like it would HURT to fly into a glass window like that so I feel sorry for the poor thing. And also, it's messing up the nice clean windows I just paid big money to have cleaned. Or rather the COMPANY paid money to have cleaned. Anyway, it's making me a little bit nuts.
It most certainly could be worse. I read this today on "i will be spending the night with 40 ninth graders tonight (community service retreat). We will be working with, preparing meals for, and eating with people whose lives have been a series of crushing blows, but the girls are concerned that they won't be able to take a shower...."
Wow, sounds like me sometimes. The things I whine about!
Anyway Happy Monday - hope you had a great weekend. I sure did. This weekend I went into a store that made me want to morph into Martha and MAKE EVERYTHING!!!!
Scary but fun!


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