Thursday, April 01, 2004

Of Chillows and Governors

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the results of the Chillow Pillow Research.
It works. It's this thingy that you slide in a pillow case on top of a pillow to cool your head while you're sleeping or resting. Or it can go behind your back whilst working away on your blog.
It has a gel/foam inside that absorbs water. I poured 2 quarts of water in it and pushed all the air out and ta da! It acts as a heat sink and takes heat from the body and distributes it out into the air. It is amazingly effective.
Now, I'm not getting paid to say this I've just had incredible amounts of email requesting more information on the mysterious gadget that I bought recently, and I wouldn't want to disappoint my huge fan base.

In other news, Governor Granholm smiled at me today. I feel speshul. I have no political feelings toward her or opinions - to me she's just another person with a whole lot more ambition and a ton more riding on her shoulders than I have. Once in a huge while it's just fun to name drop. So me and Jennifer exchanged smiles today. She was treating her staff to a luncheon at the Cafe I hired to cater a lunch at work yesterday. The chef there is quite amazing and they put together great lunches for us now and then.
So today, I was returning all the byootiful dishes they loaned us to present lunch with and as I was getting in my car the Gov was getting out of hers (with security close at hand of course) and so I bowed and curtseyed and begged to kiss her hand and they had to drag me away kicking and screaming.... wait! no, I'm thinking of a different story.
Anyway - I did smile, and so did she and I drove on outta there with a big grin on my face, thinknig how fun it would have been if I could have told her what the owner of the cafe just said about her. He was all nervous when I got there, he said she was coming and they were preparing a really big lunch for her - he said "That Jennifer Granholm is KICK ASS! I just LOVE HER!"
What a great compliment!!


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