Thursday, April 15, 2004

Flip! Flop! I Was Takin A Bath!

Remember when Flip Flops were called thongs?

New News Today:

I got a new pair of Flip Flops and I'm wearing them and it feels GREAT!

My 8 year old keyboard at work is retiring. It has had so much use half of the letters are worn off the keys.
I spilled coke on it the other day so the Enter key sticks on the number pad and lately the ALT key has been having a will of its own.

The Magnolia trees are blooming.

It's byoootiful out today.

I'm not quite so snarky today.

I believe I'll also be getting a new mouse as the right click button has also developed seizures.

My favorite gel pen ran out of ink while writing out a fax form today so I got a new one from the supply closet.

I ate a taco for lunch.

I've sneezed 9 times today already.

I can't remember my dream from last night.


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