Thursday, April 22, 2004

Blah Blah Ganoush

A word about Titles:

Here on Captainwow the titles have a life of their own. Sometimes they are relevent and sometimes they are not. The mind is a queer thing and the words therein have fluid meanings.
This morning I thought up a really really groovy title while driving to work. No blog content, just a great title.
Can't remember it.

It makes me think of those great ideas you get sometimes when dreaming.
The hardest class EVER for me was Algebra. Both times. High School and College Algebra had me in tears. Sometimes when I was dreaming I'd think of a GENIUS way to figure something out and would think OH that is so SMART I'm SURE to remember THAT!
And I never did.
Or sometimes I've dreamed of ways to solve other problems. Only ONCE did I have the presence of mind to write one of these genius plans down.
My mom had gotten me a pair of earrings that, due to their design and the structure of my earlobes, I could not get them on. I LIKED them so I tried and tried but it didn't work. Then that one night I dreamed about it and thought it was such a BRAINY IDEA that I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget.
Even while writing it you'd think I'd have caught on that it broke several laws of physics and that it just couldn't EVER work.
But no I didn't catch that part and wrote it down anyway .
I wish I'd saved that scrap of paper. Cause it would be very entertaining now. At the time though, I was very frustrated so I threw it out.

So I'm thinking maybe this GREAT BLOG ENTRY TITLE I thought up this morning might have been something like that.
Perhaps it was Complete Insanity.
Maybe it's good that I don't remember it.


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