Thursday, April 29, 2004

Some Like It In A Pot Nine Days Old

9 days!
Do you see that over there? --------->>>

If you get a chance you simply MUST go visit Going Jesus!
Check out the Bridezilla cake! And WAY FUN Favors.

Elsehow, It's 65 degrees right now, might gonna get up to 77! Heat Wave! WOOOO!

Also, WYCE is streaming on line. Take a listen, if you have high speed internet - you never know what you'll hear next! They have a rule I like - I hereby declare that ALL RADIO STATIONS should abide by this as law also: They never play a song twice within 5 days! Even if you beg and whine and cajole they won't play it again for 5 whole days! (no, I didn't try it, they said that on the air!) So unlike commercial radio there's not the ad nauseum playing of the most popular song of the moment. I fell in love with it while driving to Grand Rapids one day. The station I was listening to in Lansing crackled and fizzed it's way into thin air while I drove past Portland. So I turned the radio off. Right around Saranac I turned it back on to find a GR station and it was at the same place on the dial which happened to be WYCE. Lo and behold I discovered this glorious place where one moment you could hear jazz the next moment folk the next moment blues, or worldbeat or rock.....etc. Was certainly great for my ears. So check it out if you have some time.


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