Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Confessions of a Cereal Spiller

There is this woman in my life who is so full of blessings and grace for all those around her. I appreciated her already and recently she prophesied over our upcoming marriage and I want to share this with you because I believe you'll be blessed by it also. Here is what she said:

"You will spend all your days gazing into each other's eyes as you pop chicken nuggets into each others mouths until you are completely and utterly satisfied. and then all the lambs, lions and butterflies in your neighborhood will come and lie down at your feet as you picnic. the lambs will lick your toes until you giggle so hard that you will fart the sweetest vanilla scented gas. the butterflies will dance around kevin's head and the lions will allow you and your honey to ride on their backs off into the sunset. blah blah blah the end."

This was a huge relief because I was certain we were in for some rough water at some point but now I know we can be sure of eternal bliss and happiness.
Thank you so much, dear friend!

In other news... I've been keeping a dream journal for just over a year now. It's lots of fun. I like it best for keeping track of themes and once in a while it's fun to go way back and laugh about the good ole dreams.

The dream titles I use reflect the dreams themselves for the most part -
Unlike this blog - where the titles may or may not have anything to do with what I write. Some of them are pretty funny all by themselves.
I got to thinking that some of those titles might make great posts.... I could write starting with a title and go from there.

Albino Spiders
Virus Tornado
Underwater Driving
Can't Save The World
Pat and Mouse Turds
Hairy Chin
Smoking With Dad
Softball with Cate Blanchette
Riding a Camel

Or...... if I string them all together it still sounds like just the kind of dreams I often have:
The Albino Spiders came after the rampage of the Virus Tornado. The funny thing was that my Underpants were completely repellent of both the spiders and of water, which was convenient for the Underwater Driving I was engaged in. After much time under the sea I realized that I Can't Save The World because I'm not able to roll down my windows underwater. I began thinking about Pat and Mouse Turds while rubbing my big Hairy Chin when suddenly I found myself Smoking With Dad ! He suggested between hits that we play Softball with Cate Blanchette. That idea sounded much more interesting to me than Riding a Camel , so we bought our tickets and got in line.
And then I woke up.


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