Tuesday, December 16, 2003


Once again, I'd like to use someone else's words to remind me of something.
The Preacher had this as part of his story today:

"Angels appear, now and again, in the pages of the bible. They are bringers of tidings and aid. You can forget those pictures of fluffy white characters with halos and wings. Real angels mostly scare the hell out of people. You’d be more likely to fill your pants than be filled with joy were you to meet one.

And then sometimes they look like regular people, and no one recognizes them at all.

The writer of Hebrews thought this a serious enough matter that he gave this dire warning:

"You better be kind to strangers, because some have entertained angels and never known it.""
You can read the rest of it by following the link over there to the right ----->
It also made me think of the line from a song "Entertainin Angels by the light of my TV Screen. 24-7 You wait for me. " -- or at least the words sound like that to me.
Not sure what the song meant exactly but the words stuck with me about Entertainin angels. Makes me wonder. Kinda seems likely we've each entertained an angel at some point or another. How would one know? How do we know WE'RE NOT ANGELS???? Hm. well maybe that's not so hard to figure out. That reminds me of something that happened to me in about 1992.
It was a rainy cold rotten yukky day and I was trudging through the puddles to get to my car out in the parking lot. I happened to be going home from class and there was another woman who was getting ready to go in to class. She was trying to manage this huge posterboard for a presentation she had to do in like 5 minutes and was having a terrible time. So I offered to help her with it. We held it between us so its back side was to the wind and it wanted to take off with us like a sail. It was rough going, but we made it and she was very grateful. When we got to her class, she was immediately very busy getting settled in so I just made a quiet exit and went on my way.
I ran into her several weeks later and asked how her presentation went and she gasped and said "OH! you ARE a real person! Can I touch you?" Now, I don't think this lady was acting, because she seemed truly afraid to touch me. She said "I thought you were an angel, because you helped me out at just such a perfect time when I had prayed for help and then I turned around to thank you and you were gone! So all this time I've been telling people I had help from an angel!!"
How fun to get to be an angel to someone for a short time. I almost hated to tell her I was just a simple human being!
So, if you're entertaining me anytime ever - feel free to treat me like an angel. Apparently you just never know!


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