Monday, December 08, 2003

I Like Big Ashes

The ionic field deflector is 85% operational. The facial tics are starting to subside and I'm sensing a little less hostility from the aliens in my head. This is progress.

I just remembered over Thanksgiving weekend, Kevin and I and his mom were playing Scrabble and Kevin got five E's and two I's. No kidding - all vowels!! HAHAHA
Very funny
- to us. not much fun for him.

The Speakeasy party Friday night was a hit. Went well. That Pat, she throws a great party. Best part (at least for the time I was there) was when Mark nailed Sandi with a water gun Uzi. Worst part was spilling my wine all over the table. OOPS. OK wait, the BEST part was singing Happy Birthday Badly to Jane and Cheryl. Ya, that was the best part. Doing it again was great too!


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