Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Spare Tire

Literally, if you drive around on a flat tire, it's a bad thing. I found this out the hard way once, thinking it'd be no big deal to drive just a LITTLE way on it. NOPE. Dad was right, don't drive on a flat tire. Period. It actually destroys the inside of the tire. I guess I knew that but I thought it took a lot longer than it actually does. Even if it looks fine on the outside, on the inside it's a shredded mess. If you keep driving on it, the rim will cut right through and then it's clear that not only the tire is ruined, but you can damage a rim beyond repair as well.

Since I tend to think allegorically, I saw someone driving on the highway on a flat tire today and I thought " man, they are in for a treat.

And then..... I got to thinking emotionally/spiritually it's a similar thing maybe. Driving around on a flat spirit tends to have sort of a "shredding" effect. Once the air is out of a relationship or an idea or a paradigm or world view, or a once useful pattern becomes pointless or unhealthy, I'm probably pretty shredded inside by then and it's time to get a new pattern or a new idea or a new SOMETHING, ASAP. I can choose to keep blowing the thing up, but that doesn't heal the shredding, and eventually that pattern becomes unhealthy and exhausting and as insane as driving around on the flat thing.

I'm sure this allegory has been used before, It's probably not a new thing at all but it describes pretty well some things I've been thinking about lately. Patterns I hang on to too long and find myself in pain. Ideas I have to let go of because they just don't make sense anymore - unhealthy styles of doing life that damage me or others. I've had some slow leaks and I've had some spectacular blow outs, but thankfully, God is about redemption. And He's way better at it than Discount Tire.


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