Wednesday, November 05, 2003

The Matrix

Opening day, yee haw. (no, not deer hunting!)
Going to watch Reloaded tonight and see Revolutions on Friday. The sucky part is that I have been ruined. Someone - who shall remain nameless, has introduced me to the cheesy side of The Matrix. Yes, I'm blaming you, my friend. I know it was there all along but I didn't see it, and you've corrupted me. Maybe because I'd never "USED my EYES" before, I don't know. I was once innocent and amazed at the philosophy of The Matrix, but now I can't watch it without laughing and that is truly tragic. So I may find myself rolling on the floor over these next two, who knows.

Do you think there might be a spoof in the hopper somewhere combining the qualities of The Matrix, Zoolander, Les Miserables and Finding Nemo? If that ever comes out I'll be in line on opening night.

It's Wednesday. The week's haffover.


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