Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Underwater Underwear Rituals

Today on my way to work I saw a guy pull over and pick up a dead raccoon and put it in the back of his truck. Lovely.

Been feeling like, um... crap. But better today. Mood changes to: Well. Thank God for wellness.

Yesterday I finally got moving in the direction of wedding planning. This one church - I called and got "the gatekeeper" on the phone. Yikes. You'd think I was asking to have a pagan ritual in their sanctuary or something, not a nice little Christian wedding like I'm planning to have. It was a strange experience... I guess that's what it is like for people who don't go to church. Linda says they experienced the same thing a few places. Wow. No wonder people don't like Christians.
Nothing wrong with not wanting too much weird stuff going on in your sanctuary but there are nicer ways of putting that than the way this went. She wasn't really mean - just cold and guarded.

Anyway - in other news, I had a dream last night that my mom and dad and I were driving a car under water. My dad was driving of course. (and alive and well and as usual I thought nothing of this) We saw a big shark. That was cool. Dad drove the car around really fast, following it. We came to the surface and looked around then Dad went back under while I still had the window rolled down. I said "DA-AAD! Ya gotta tell me when you're going under!" I rolled it back up quickly so the car did not completely fill ith water but then I did the thing I do when I'm snorkelling - where it takes me a while to realize I'm safe even though my face is underwater. It's usually a few minutes before I quit panicking and breathe normally. I had my face against the window and was doing that panic breathing thing and realized Oh ya. I'm safe. It's all good. I was suprised how fast Dad could drive underwater and I was a little scared that we would run into stuff but we didn't. After a while I was ready to go back on to shore. I realized at that point I needed to do laundry so I went in to do that and discovered I had LOTS more underwear than I knew I had. Cool stuff too, but some of it was HUGE so I was confused by that. There were some of my friends in this dream too at different points but I can't remember those parts clearly. I remember seeing Pat and Jane and Vicki. I remember lighting a candle and I remember going into a gas station for food.
Ya, so that's about all that's new in my world.


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