Thursday, October 23, 2003

Saint Bernard

... had a mental picture the other day and I wanted to record it somewhere so I don't forget it. I read a paragraph that stated something close to this:"emotional dependancy can be a problem for anyone, since we all at some point tend toward drawing our life and worth from another human being. This is especially true when the other person is handy and cooperative."

HA! The Handy and Cooperative part cracked me up, and I got a mental picture of a little girl trying to ride a Saint Bernard. She's innocent and doesn't mean any harm, but the dog is just not into that. He is benevolently UNcooperative, and soon the little girl learns that the Ride The Doggy game isn't going to fly with the dog and she moves on to something else.
So, someone can be handy and UNcooperative too - which in some cases is a gift.


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