Tuesday, September 30, 2003


Look Ma, no cavities! Got my teeth cleaned today by my touchy feely dental hygenist. I don't mind her but I imagine she might be a little much for most. She always touches me a lot while I'm getting my teeth cleaned but this time she kept patting my boob instead of my shoulder by accident. That made me giggle and then she'd want to know what was so funny but I didn't want her to know, so I would just say something funny and she'd laugh and pat me some more - it was like this weird cycle. It took her just a bit longer to clean my teeth than normal I think. She was also very excited about the idea of me getting married so she wanted to ask me lots of questions about that while her hands were in my mouth. You know how that goes....
Hygenist: "So where are you going to have the wedding?"
Me:"uh hunnh. aaaahhhhhhhhhhh aayyyuuuhhh!"
Hygenist: "where?" - takes her hands out of my mouth-
Me: "Grand Rapids".
Hygenist: "Oh, that will be beautiful! What kind of dress do you want to wear?"
Me: "uh aaayrryaahhu aaaaahhhhayyuuuuuhrraaaaaaa."
Hygenist: "huh?" - takes hands out of my mouth-
Me: "I don't really know yet."
Hygenist: "OH!!" (pats me on the boob again, puts her hands back in my mouth)
Me: "aa haa ha haaaa haaa!!"
Hygenist: "What's so funny?" -takes her hands out of my mouth-
Me, grabbing desperately for the first funny phrase I could think of: "Maybe I could have this bib when we're done and use it for a veil!"
Hygenist: "haha ya, that'd be great!" (doubles over with laughter and pats me on the boob some more)

Ya, so you get the idea.


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