Monday, September 29, 2003

Water Water Everywhere

I set a record this morning. 5 sneezes in a row. First time ever for me. Something to be proud of. That's enough work for one day, isn't it?
Didn't sleep very much last night. That sorta sucked because I need the sleep and want to get over this stinking cold.

My "spidey sense" was tingling at around 2AM so I prayed a lot for CJ and Sister and TP girl. I did eventually get back to sleep 3 hours later. And dreamed about spiders. The alarm clock rescued me from that nightmare.

Before I woke up at 2AM I was dreaming a dream where it was dark and there was water everywhere. I was on a boat, sort of, but there was really no distinction between land and boat and water so there was this dangerous, uneasy undercurrent to the whole scene. I was carrying a child and was going to put her to bed for the night. Half way up the stairs I realized she was too heavy/tall/awkward for me to carry. I was carrying her anyway and it was just weird. She didn't seem to have a problem with it but I felt confused and embarassment/shame for not having a natural sense of children or how to take care of them.


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