Monday, September 15, 2003

About Me

I like to write
--- don't claim to be exceptional at it but this is one outlet for me and it's fun, people keep reading it and I like that so I keep on doing it.

I'm a MWF (as of 5/8/04) age 34 no kids 2 cats.

Job for pay: Office Manager for a small software development company.

Education: Bachelor of Music, emphasis on Performance.......Which gives me the right to say without bragging that I'm a very good flutist.

I can play other instrments not so well but I have a lot of fun trying.

Like many people, I'm not using my degree to earn a living.

Am conservative in some ways, liberal in others, I have no specific political affiliations and mostly try to keep my mouth shut on political matters since I often don't know what the heck I'm talking about and we're all happier if I just don't try too hard to sound like an expert in this area!

I'm a follower of Jesus - or at least I try my best, so I call myself a Christian. Again, if I don't try too hard to sound like an expert in this area, most conversations about the topic of spirituality are much more tolerable! Currently I am in the process of kinda "de-constructing" and "re-constructing" much of what I have always thought in terms of what it means to be a Christian and Who God Is and allathat.

Likes: Words, Beauty, Reading, Learning, Discovering, Cooking, Exploring Music, Playing Music, Travelling, COFFEE!, blogging, playing Age of Empire games.

Have recently been forced to admit that I am a Closet Martha Stewart.
Hopefully I'm less annoying than many people find her to be and I also hope to stay out of court at least a lot longer than she did.

I recently learned that curling my eyelashes is a great thing.

I love mangos but am super allergic to the oil in the skin. So if you ever want to give me a great gift, peel me a mango and hand it to me on a platter with a fork (or chopsticks).

I prefer chocolate malts to chocolate shakes.

I keep a dream journal. If you're into that - you can get one too at Dream Journal


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