Tuesday, September 09, 2003

It happened again today. Like yesterday, I got up way too early. The clock was messed up from the other day when the electricity was out. So I got up at 5:10 yesterday and tried fixing the alarm clock to the right time but apparently I made it worse because I got up at 4:10 today. AM. My routine is to get up and get right in the shower so I normally don't have any awareness of time until I step into the kitchen and head for the coffee pot.
It occurred to me just now as I was writing that - I like my routine. This is what I do these days: Wake up, maybe hit snooze. Maybe not. Pee. Get in the shower - get dressed, do the whole face routine and the hair foofoo thing and then go down the stairs directly past go collect no salary try not to trip over the cat and get a cup of coffee. The coffee pot's on a timer and it is usually done brewing by then. The very first decision of the day is which cup to use. I've been expanding my horizons lately and trying new cups but mostly it's the same routine each day. Then I head for the back porch - which faces the east. During the summer it was nice to watch the sunrise but now that it's Fall - I'm watching the sunrise more on the drive than during Porch Time. Pat is usually already up or getting up about then and we drink coffee together. Talk about our dreams the previous night. Or God, or work, or life. Sometimes we say not much at all. I've been living there 4 months now, and still that is my favorite time of day. Between Babette and Pat I daresay I've been successfully converted to Mornings. At least for now.
Last night I had dinner w/ Ki Soon at her house. We had what she called Korean rolls or something like that. Way good - a little like roll your own sushi. So we "rolled our own" together and ate and had a groovy time.
Then on the way home, Jenny called and said hey can I hitch a ride home with you and then back in the AM? So I said sure and she rode with me to GR. We had a good talk on the drive over so that was cool.
Had a thought the other day and Jenny said she thought it was pretty cool too so I thought I'd write it down before I fergit it. I realize I must not be the first to think along these lines, and maybe it will gel more later but here's the first draft: There's a "knowledge" that comes with sin, a knowing that wasn't there before. And this knowledge is death. It is a curse, although I think we can be freed from the power of the sin itself. The "knowing" is a consequence, and stays with us. So God wasn't kidding when he said to Adam and Eve "If you eat of THAT tree, you will die." And Satan said "Surely you will not die." So they ate. And they didn't die. But they did. And I have eaten and I didn't die. But I did.
So lately, I've been valuing wisdom more. And I think innocence is something to value as well - which is not valued in our culture, it is laughed at, scorned, rejected. I have been so wrong to join in that.


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