Friday, September 26, 2003


Better font? I like this one better. Just figured out how to change it.

Today someone told me about what she thought my dress should look like for my wedding. And again I thought "why do you care?". This is not someone who has ever shown any inkling of an interest in me as a person. Maybe a tiny bit, but hardly any. She even had ideas about my hair. My wedding is a ways off and I haven't discussed much of this stuff or even come up with many of my own ideas yet but here's someone I didn't think gave much of a rip telling me her image of me as a bride. Very interesting.
And she was dead on. I mean - she has my sense of style down. Which I found to be a good thing because it means she knows me better than I thought. Kevin and I talked about that last night - how amazing it is one can feel so disconnected from people and then in a time like this find out they actually DO think about you and/or care.
Ok. Now do I invite her to my wedding?

And THEN...........

I've linkedthis imploding heart in my links - go check it out if you have time. Fun stuff. She has a cold too.


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