Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Maintaining the Dank

We talked about house temperatures last night. Heatherlee and Pat and I sitting around the table and I said I'd have to write a piece about "maintaining the dank" in the morning. And now that it's morning I can't think of a thing to say about "maintaining the dank" today. Wanted to Maintain the Prone this morning actually - stay in bed and meditate on how wonderful it is to be horizontally positioned.
but no.
this morning on the drive in I thought about Cheryl Meryl and how I miss smokin with my buddy



And anyway - I thought about what Ramblin' man said in his blog -

He was quotingBald Man Blogging:
"driving the speed limit. this small act of slowing down is a symbolic reminder that i must slow down in life. i cannot maintain the breakneck pace of the world around me if i am to hear His whisper and connect in real ways with people. as cars rush by i am reminded that i must live in the world, though i live by a different set of standards. at times i will be pushed by someone riding my tail. at these moments i have a decision to make: will i be a thermometer, reflecting the values, the pace, the life of the world around me? "
Ya ... so I drove a little slower this morning and enjoyed the quiet, which I sometimes do anyway but lately have been listening to loud tunes and keeping with the flow of traffic. So I slowed down.
And I prayed and contemplated, and it was good.
And then I noticed as my prayers trailed off and I was silent that I felt old and tired and slightly sad.
So I ate my scone, drank my coffee, cranked up the tunes and got back in the traffic.
Zoom Zoom!


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