Thursday, October 02, 2003

Maine Attraction

Goin to Maine in a couple of days. Cheryl Meryl is going to take care of "the kids" while we're gone. There's Mocha and Hobbes (mine) and Babette (Pat's) who need to be fed and looked after and cleaned up after. So I'm thinkin how great it is to have friends who are willing to clean up the cats' POOP while we go off on vacation.

mood changes to: blessed.

Today's brew: Haitian Blue......... :sigh:

Two events in my life have made conversation more interesting in my life:
1. Buying a house, and
2. Getting engaged.
Suddenlymany people who have previously had not much in common feel it OK to talk volumes about these things and how fun is that?
When I bought my house I found that people who said very little to me in the way of conversation suddenly were very talkative when I brought up the subject of home improvement. There were different connections to be made all of a sudden and I found that to be very interesting and fun.
Now I'm engaged so there's a new group of people who now are excited to talk about marriage and relationships and weddings and want to know all about Kevin and I and want to tell me all about their own story. So I feel like I'm learning things about people I never knew and never would have known.
Today someone I've known for 8 years told me for the first time the story about how he and his wife got married. GREAT story - and I'm thinking, why is it that you never told me that before? But it's different now. And that's a really cool community/connection thing.
I guess it's not just the big things. It was the same with other things as well.
Having an appendectomy
Learning ballroom dancing
Reading Harry Potter
Taking fitness courses
Taking Prozac
Not going to church (in the traditional sense)
I found out how many people in my life also love to salsa. And who thinks that J.K. Rowling is a satanist. And who longs to be buff. Who struggles with depression and/or who thinks prescription drugs to treat such things are evil and bad or good and helpful. And of course not going to church (in the traditional sense) makes for lots of lively conversation as well with my "evangelical" christian friends. But my long rambling point is - even if people don't agree with me or understand me they have something to say that I didn't know they had to say. It helps us know each other better and it's how we connect and it can't be planned. It just happens.


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