Friday, October 31, 2003

Last Day of October

Time does fly.

While visiting The Wibsite this morning I read a name I hadn't heard so I looked it up and read a blog entry by this guy who quoted Mike Yac. Maybe I should know who Mike Yac is.
But I don't. Someone might fill me in soon, and then I'll add that to this entry.
Meanwhile, he said this:
"According to Jesus and his parable of the seed, the best we can hope for is about 25%."
Mike Yac was referring to youth ministry, and he also said that the 25% is worth it. If you want to read the rest of the article, go HERE.
It's a good article, and a good reminder that it's worth it. Even if one looks at this from a non-Christian standpoint, high school dropouts, kids staying "with the program" as opposed to involvement in drugs or gangs or whatever... It's not just about numbers.

Today I feel about like the crud that grows on top of my coffee if I leave my cup half full in the office over the weekend. -- Just in case you were wonderin.
But emotionally I feel on top of it. Like Ya, this sorta sucks but oh well - there's fun things going on! Wee!

So ya, let's have a weekend already!


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