Monday, November 10, 2003

Crazy Pills

The dullest blog in the world is back! What does that mean, when I'm EXCITED about such a thing?? (see the link to the right)

Had a good weekend - wedding date is set. May 8, in case you were curious.
Yee haw now on to the fun stuff. Dresses, froo froo things, girl things, fun plans!! weeeeeee!!!

Went and saw Kristen and Paul's new house last night. It Rocks! And Pearl and Sheperd were there, helping out, I guess they were home improvement FREAKS for the day - how cool. They should start their own business!

Last night I had a dream within dream. I woke up from the dream within and thought I was awake. K, but in dream world I WAS awake, then I fell asleep again. And dreamed - that I had a dream. Seriously! Then I woke up from that dream and realized I wasn't really awake so I woke up again. And thought I was awake. Then the thought went through my mind of oh my I'm really losing my grip. I can't even tell the difference between dreaming and waking, just like yesterday when Pat told me she cleaned the toilet only maybe I just dreamed it and she didn't really tell me that. But she really DID clean it and I know THAT is real..... And I thought oh boy I'm truly losing my marbles. I knew things weren't RIGHT but I didn't know it was THAT BAD! What does one DO in such a case? I realized I had no idea what to do if I was really going crazy. THEN I really REALLY woke up and it was such a relief!! I was in my bed, and there was my clock and my kitty snoring away at my feet. I thought OH Thank GOD! I'm awake, and sane!


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