Friday, November 07, 2003

Dear Deer

Today I saw about 5 deer in a field on the way to work. It was a beautiful drive - great pink and yellow sunrise with the frost on the ground, very twinkly and pwetty.
Anyway so I saw these dearie deersies and then in the next field there was a guy tramping around in his hunter orange, with a gun slung over his shoulder and I thought how ironic that just past that strip of trees are what he's looking for and neither one is aware of the other. He's just that close to the jackpot and doesn't even know it. It was like looking into two windows and seeing two different slices of life that had to do with each other but would not very likely intersect. I felt glad for the safely grazing deer, and not very disappointed for the hunter.

Right, so I'm so excited because Kevin and I are going to look at a possible reception site for our wedding tomorrow. If it's not a dump we'll book it and have a wedding date set finally!! YEEEEE HAW!!

Tonight is Matrix night - going with a bunch of friends to see the 3rd one. We got ourselves primed for it by watching the 2nd one the other night. And I got Kevin one of those new little Atari plug and play thingy things where you just plug the joystick into the TV and the games are loaded already. The copyright comes up 1981!! So we had fun playing that a bit too. I almost peed my pants laughing because the joystick is jut like the original and not very easy to control. At least not for me. So you can imagine, playing PONG looked like I was playing DODGE the ball, not HIT the ball! ha. Pat and Kevin had it goin on a little better. Wee.

In other news, I have a zit on my chin and it's bugging the crap out of me. I'm drinking Haitian Blue today - thanks to Jim for the donation, and to Shelby for being willing to sell some of her private stash! (coffee! It's COFFEE!!)


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