Friday, December 05, 2003


Just finished getting ready for a tax audit at work - WHEW.
Papercuts and dust sneezes.
So weird to find a box labeled 1995 with MY writing on it down there in the dusty old archives. I feel ancient, but that's not ALL that long ago!

The best part of today was the coffee.

In other news, I expertly avoided depression at the mall during my lunch hour. Went shopping for a pair of pants and started the downward spiral at pair #3. Then I consciously told myself a joke to make me laugh and went out and found more to try on. Finally found one, and my self esteem remained somewhat intact.
Then went to the glasses place for an adjustment of the new frames. They had a VICE GRIP on my skull right behind my ears- OW!!
No wonder I've felt like snarky all week. My glasses were squeezing my brains out. But they do look great, so I have given them a second chance.

Things are a little off around here, but once we get the ionic field deflector fixed we'll be all set.

Going JEsus' take on the liturgical calendar from the other day's entry in her blog is good stuff... if you get a chance, hop over there and read it.

155 days to the wedding
140 things on the to do list


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