Monday, November 17, 2003

This n That

Not much to say after an exceptionally full weekend.
Imagine that.

Saw friends, did things. Ate stuff. Had a great time. The company was stellar!

Went and saw the rock opera HERO. I thought about Heroes on the way to work today. One of my childhood hero(ine)s was Susan Barry, my second grade teacher. I absolutely adored her. We all did. She was kind and pretty and cool and drove a yellow corvette. She had a way of making us each feel really special and smart! When I grew up a little more I realized she was really just about that wonderful right down to her core. She really loved teaching us and she accepted and loved us. I know I'm not the only one would would put her down for the favoritest teacher of all award.

It's a dead run to the end of the year now. It feels like running to the finish line when your legs are burning and you can hardly breath anymore but you know that if you put your head down and keep running that burn will go away and you might even win if you give it just a little more juice! - All that to say There's a lot to do but I think it'll probably be lots of fun anyway.

I read this on

"Some of us say there is something eternal about you, something we call a soul. We don't exactly know what we mean by that; it might be our way of saying you are eleventy-hundred infinity good. But if there is anything eternal in you, any scent of the creator lying soft on the back of your neck, then you are worth more than all the gold and all the mountains and all the world." - The Preacher



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