Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Sushi Day

It's Sushi Day here at Melange. Paula and I are making sushi for lunch. Well, California rolls, really - so not the raw kind. I've had sushi on the brain for a long time now, in fact I woulda thought I'd be pretty sick of it by now. But I'm NOT!!
Anyway, did you know there is sushi etiquette? If you are curious, click HERE. Who knew? I smell a Sushi party in our future!

Coffee's brewing, the ionic field deflector is back up to 99% operation and most systems are back online after the crash. The birds are beginning to sing tentatively and everything is star dappled and green again.

In other news, Swashbuckling Roommate is up to no good with her renovation of the house. There is now drywall on the foyer and stair wall and upstairs hallway. In this case, I think that swashbuckler could be defined as a fierce, crow bar wielding woman with a pony tail and plaster in her hair rather than a flamboyant swordsman.
Yes, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean last night. Memorable quote: " I think we've all reached a very special place, I say? Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically?" - Jack Sparrow


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