Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Love Lamp Awards and other randomness

Ok no one got 1000 points for the I Love Lamp Tshirt. It's from the movie Anchorman. It may disappoint some of you to know that I found that movie absolutely over the top and hilarious. You may have thought I have more class than that, but you would be mistaken. One person emailed me but she doesn't get any points because I've forced her to watch Anchorman with me before and she's witnessed that I have nearly wet my pants laughing at Brick.

Here's the Best of Brick if you're interested:

The I Love Lamp Scene is in there a little over half way through but some of the other lines are so funny I chose that clip to give you a good "feel" for his character.

I also wanted to give a shout out to Little David since I don't seem to have your email. Mr. Sam is not yet walking, but he gets around the living room hanging on to things and crawls like a maniac. He especially enjoys standing at a table or couch "reading" his books and talking to himself in his own made up language. It's so cute!

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