Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Random Ramblings

It's WINDY today. March was going to go out like a Lion but it got stage fright and now April is coming IN like a Lion.

The violets are bloomin like mad in the back yard. We have this section where they are thick and wonderful. They went berzerk after we weeded that area and left just the violets!! They SMELL WONDERFUL! I had no idea Violets had such a nice smell.

I'm enjoying doing the tour of the yard every few days to see what's peeking up through the soil and what's starting to show hopes of blooming. What survived the winter and what did not. Soon I guess I'll have to do some actual work out there.

Sam has been "high maintenance" today Usually he's pretty easy going. Must be teething. There are 4 eye teeth that have been trying to come in for months now... always teething poor guy. Some days seem harder for him than others. So, He's in his bizzy seat, happily watching Baby Einstein. I have dinner in the oven and I'm taking a break. ::sigh:: feels great.

Incidentally, dinner is a "breakfast casserole" that I am experimenting with tonight. I'm putting that healthy choice smoked sausage and asparagus in it instead of breakfast sausage and - well no vegetables! Should be good I think.

Discovered little freeze dried apple cubes for Sam at the grocery store. OH MAN. He loves them. So do I, which could be unfortunate for him if I'm not careful!

It's snowing and 27 out. Yesterday it was 70. We went for a walk at Aquinas and observed all the byoootiful daffodils and other flowers. Sam got to tug on a branch that made a whole BIGGER branch dance and sway. This was big entertainment for quite some time!

We're going to a family gathering for Easter. I've never been to a family gathering without my mom. Can you believe that? So we're going, and it should be fun. Sam has a cousin close to his age, hopefully he'll be there and they can play! WEEE!!

And I probably won't post until after Easter, because I just don't seem to get to it all that much these days, so Happy Easter, if you are celebrating. If not, then have a fine weekend.


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