Monday, April 23, 2007

Things That Make You Wish You Had A Camera

The other day, Sam and I were out walking and as we walked, I heard the Neighborhood Bagpiper playing away. You know how loud those things are, they can be heard for blocks and blocks, so I didn't really expect an actual visual on the guy. I don't think I've told you about the Neighborhood Bagpiper. I used to think it was just a person who played ridiculously loud bagpipe music on his stereo - loud enough for us to hear it 2 blocks away! I would hear it walking to the grocery store mainly, and I deduced that he lived near there. Later I found out that he does live there, since someone I know has had some interaction with him in the past. And I also found out that it wasn't a stereo, it was actual bagpipes, droning away for hours out in his yard.
But last week, I witnessed one of the most unusal events I have seen/heard in my entire life. Bagpiper was playing his bagpipes while SKATEBOARDING down the middle of Milton Avenue!! Past the Park, and into the neighborhood. Incidentally stopping traffic and letting out an occasional WHOOOP WHOOOOOOOP! I think he was having a good time. It was incredible. He had a HUGE audience, as the park was full and there were many people out and about. Maybe it was his celebration of the wonderful weather!
Oh, I SO wished I had a camera!


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