Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stinky Rubber Chips

There is a park nearby that has rubber woodchips. You've probably seen them, they look like wood but they're made from old tires. At first I thought it was a great idea. They don't harbor insects, they don't break down very fast, they reuse a product we use a lot of so that they're not filling up our landfills and they don't use up Trees! But man oh man does that stuff STINK!!! So I started hating the rubber chips since each time walking by on a hot summer day my nostrils had to bear the stench of them.
But now I love them. Because yesterday, Sam was playing on a boingy green froggy playground toy. Having a blast! Doing so well and I was right there then he let go and the boingy frog FLUNG him! So fast I couldn't catch him! Right then and there I saw the light and I was converted. Rubber chips on playgrounds over a layer of sand is GREAT!! Sam was fine, he cried a little because I'm sure it hurt some and scared him a lot but it was all over in a minute or so. I couldn't help thinking how bad it could have been with dirt or woodchips!
I will now sing psalms of praises to those stinky rubber chips!


  • Come Thou Chips of Stinky Blessing
    Softly and Smelly-ly
    Will the Tailbone Be Unbroken?
    The Old Rugged Wood Chips

    There's lots of possibility for Chip Psalms!

    By Blogger SpookyRach, at 4/18/2007 4:13 PM  

  • Oh my gawd, SpookyRach, that is damn funny!!!

    By Anonymous Mawci, at 4/19/2007 12:44 AM  

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