Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Who Needs TV? We Have Cats!

If only you could hear me now, chortling gleefully as I discover that this year for Advent Sara will once again entertain us with her great eye for crappy Christmas stuff that we can giggle and snort over. And perhaps if we have any of this in our house, we will never ever admit it. At least not here.
Stay tuned this Advent Season to Going Jesus for Angels We Have Heard Are High.

It's Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. I am thankful for lots and lots of stuff. There. That's the Thanksgiving part of my post. Gratefulness abounds, as usual.

In other news, Hobbes is unusually playful this morning and played for a full 5 minutes with a little mousie I have tied to the end of a string. Then he hid under the bed, ashamed to have been caught displaying such kittenish behavior. Mocha quickly picked up the trail, since she has no shame, and began to entertain herself with same mousie that is now tied to my desk drawer so that I can type with two hands. Soon the mousie that Hobbes no longer wanted to play with became much more attractive to him and a fight broke out with both cats hissing and growling and tussling over little purple and pink mousie. These are fun times in the office of Captainwow, it's almost unbearably exciting around here.

Yesterday I sacrificed both blood and hair. The first was 3 or 4 vials at the lab altar for a glucose tolerance test to see if I have gestational diabetes and the second at the altar of vanity and convenience. I gave up about 3 or 4 inches of hair, paid it to the salon broom goddess, who respectfully gathered it up and ceremoniously placed it in the receptacle with all the other offerings of the day. I once again resisted the urge to chop off the bangs, in honor of the months and months of growing them out that I endured. I am very proud of this heroic feat, and I also am very happy to have a great deal less hair to bother with.

Well, Kevmo's got the day off today. We're going to go out and play. Have a great Holiday!

(help me! I'm RHYMING!!)


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