Thursday, October 13, 2005

Galadriel and Attila the Hun

Ya, so Attila the Hun is on sabbatical or something. I just haven't had the energy for the final push into Rome. Also, I took this personality test, which gives you an idea of how noisy it can get in my head when Galadriel and Attila the Hun are having a disagreement:

Got this one from reverend mommy's random thoughts

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Meanwhile, we did get a truckload of crap to the dump, which is fun. Getting rid of junk is always a good thing. It was scraps from the deck project and ripped out trim and rubble from the kitchen project, and other things we'd put in the garage. Like the chair that fell apart while Kevmo was SITTING IN IT. And the camp chair that fell apart when Paul was SITTING IN IT! The Conspiring Chairs and much of the other chaos that was cluttering up our yard/garage is now gone.

Today is a rainy cold day, Kevmo took the day off to use up some vaycay time so we went and saw Flightplan in the theater. We were the only two in the theater and so we could talk whenever we wanted which was fun. We ate lots of popcorn and drank a gallon of Dr. Pepper and the movie was better than we expected. JACKPOT!

Also, they really need to hurry it up with the Wealthy Street Make Our Cute Little Uppity Part of Town Even Cuter and More Uppity Project. They're putting a damper on my Uppity D&W runs!

Also, I know that it would make movie plots less interesting but seriously, Jodi. If you're going to hit the villain in the head with a fire extinguisher, you need to HIT! HIM/HER! IN THE HEAD! REALLY REALLY HARD! Not just knock him/her a little bit for a loop so that he/she can recover quickly and come after you.

Maybe just remember that for next time.


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