Thursday, September 22, 2005

We're Baaaa-aaaaaack!

I can NOT believe I missed Talk Like a Pirate Day! TOTALLY FORGOT about it!! AAAARRRRRRGHHH!!!
I LOVE Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Anyway, Colorado rocked. And so did a little of Wyoming. We clambered on rocks. (or as much as my preggo self could handle) And we gawked at mountains and we froze our arses off at high altitudes while gasping for air and taking pictures like lunatic tourists.
Ya, it was pretty much way cool.

And the wedding was quite super as well. Byootiful. Stinky and Jermy are Mr. and Mrs. now, after a very lovely ceremony in one of the coolest little churches I've ever seen. It was just so great to be there with everyone and see two people so love each other and be so loved by so many.

And on the flight home - we volunteered to get BUMPED, and BUMP US they DID - scoring us a lot of $$ in travel vouchers and a first class upgrade for our flight home!

So, there'll be a veritable plethora of pictoral memoriographs posted on flickr as soon as I get to it - you're gonna love the additions to Captainwow's Photo Album.


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