Sunday, October 02, 2005

Boy or Girl?

Tomorrow evening, we'll be going to an ultrasound appointment and hopefully having the opportunity to get a clear shot of the appropriate angle so as to determine whether we are having a boy or girl!

How's that for a needlessly wordy sentence!? We're pretty geeked though, can't wait to know whether to call this bump in my belly a He or a She!

And to pick out a name!
And to start getting the room ready.

1000 points to anyone who guesses correctly!

A couple of times this weekend I looked down and was considerably shocked at the size of me. Almost as if I forgot I was pregnant! For a fraction of a second it's like: WOAH! WHAT HAPPENED!? Oh, ya.

This weekend I spent some time watching some back episodes of LOST. So I can be clued in better this season. I think it's a pretty cool show, but I need to not see any of those crash scenes before flying! Scares me. Any of you watching this show!?

Tonight we went to our Sunday Night Potluck where the pot LUCK was that 3 of us brought cake and someone brought ice cream too! WEEEE!!! And I drank a Pepsi!
Chocolate and sugar high! WEEEEEE!!




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