Monday, July 11, 2005

Of Waterfalls and Earthquakes

by Captainwow

There was once a city named Bire. The city sat directly on a faultline, so there were often earthquakes in the land. The townspeople got used to the earthquakes, as they were rarely ever big enough to do any real damage.
A river ran through this town, and it was beautiful. The people loved the river, and they took good care of it. It gave them a place to row boats on, swim in, fish from, and they set up water wheels to power their grain mills and various other endeavors.
One day though, the earth shook. It trembled, it roared, and it grated together. Everyone was terrified, as it was the worst earthquake anyone remembered living through. Buildings toppled, and property was damaged. Some of the livestock freaked out and ran away, plowing through fences and tearing through the fields into the woods.
The land split and there emerged a great cliff under the river, diverting the river and creating some magnificant waterfalls. People came from miles and miles to see the waterfalls. After everyone in the town of Bire recovered from the earthquake, they fell in love with their falls as much as they had with their river and they set up tourist traps around the falls - because everyone who came to see them always said the same thing:

"Goodness Gracious! Great Falls of Bire!"


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