Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I think you might like this: Another Good Going Jesus Post -

I was already pretty sure I wasn't alone with this sort of thing. I've talked with my trusted friendses about this some and they've been transparent about their own issues as well. This thing pokes its head out now and again and makes me very uncomfortable with myself.

My, But if you read some of the comments in response to this post, there is some grace there offered to Sara. We is how/who we is.

Someone said to me once: "Who are YOU to say where you should be in your spiritual walk right now, anyway?"

Excellent point.


  • You sure you didn't write that?

    Good point.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/25/2005 9:24 PM  

  • what a great blog she has........I'm sure it would make some choke a loogie.......but I thought it was great.......and honest. And what else is there besides honest?

    By Blogger Adinah, at 5/25/2005 10:00 PM  

  • It's a very transparent, honest post - for both you and Sara. I'm there too girlie (as you know). I think to varying degrees, we all are.
    I think part of the issue is that eternity is in our hearts, and that we know we are meant for something great. Someone great. But, it gets twisted in our stuff and becomes arrogant or protective or self-affirming, and then reality hits: what if I'm not all that?

    By Blogger Just Pat, at 6/01/2005 7:39 AM  

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