Sunday, May 01, 2005

Cat Nap

Once in a while, my cats will fall so deeply asleep that their head starts tilting forward and their little nose touches whatever they are sitting on. I think it's extremely cute, but I haven't seen it happen very often.

This afternoon Mocha fell asleep on the bed here in the office. I turned around to look at her for some reason just in time to see her head start tilting forward. She went fast and soon her head was all the way down, her nose resting on my bank statement that is lying at the foot of the bed.

It found it so unbearably cute that I ruined her nap by giggling at her, which woke her up. She meowed, yawned, and extended her paw out to me, in her irresistable pet-me gesture she does and I laughed even harder, which for some reason prompted her to come over and sit in my lap.

Perfect for a lazy Sunday Afternoon.


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