Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Chicago/Wisconsin Trip

We're home again. In case you missed us. We spent a day in Chicago and stayed a night in Schaumburg and discovered Big Bowl. At first I thought it was a bowling place, but it's an Asian restaraunt. It had a little of a chain atmosphere, but the food we ordered was very good! It was like a nicer Mongolian Barbecue on steroids without all the noise and hype. I got another new recipe idea and they even had a choice of rice: Regular White Rice or Jasmine! Haven't encountered that before!

In La Crosse, we visited a brewery and a couple of cheese stores and saw lots of pretty Wisconsin scenery.
We also encountered a tricycle riding, smoking, boombox blarin' hippy dude on a wetland nature trail in La Crosse. Wish I'd had my camera for that one.... Kevmo offered to buy me a tricycle so I could boogie around GR smokin and blarin and chillin. But I said I might just be a little to embarassed to be seen riding a tricycle.

Captainwow went to the Museum of Science and Industry where he got to proudly pose as an astronaut, and enjoyed pretending he was part of the Chicago Skyline.


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