Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Summer Vacation

Captainwow and I are going on Summer Vacation! Vacation from Blogging, that is. We won't be blogging until Fall, and even then - who knows?

Life just seems to get in the way of the blogging lately, and I guess that's not so bad because while I find all of your blogs very interesting and fun, I'm not finding mine all that fun or exciting to write in. Not that life isn't groovy enough to write about, just that I'm not a groovy enough writer to get the words right enough to do justice, and besides, I'm not really IN the groove of writing anyway. Maybe there is some other creative impulse waiting to sprout through the small gap that not blogging leaves behind, who knows.

I'll still be around now and again to read the blogs. Other than that, Happy Summer Vacation, and PEACE!


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