Thursday, October 26, 2006

In Which Many Sentences Begin With And

Today Grandma H is here hanging with Sam so I can have some ME time. (It's all about ME!)

And I spent some time in Common Ground, reading The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton and listening to this dude give a girl a really really bad HR textbook interview for a receptionist position at the auto repair shop across the street, sipping their trademark mediocre coffee and I thought "Man, this place is really a dive!" I hardly every notice it's divey-ness, because it's COMMON GROUND!! But it is really super divey. It must cost the owner not much of anything to run the place because they sure don't spend any money on a cleaning service, or upkeep of furniture or repair of old dilapidated air conditioners.

And I love hanging out there. I noticed today that it is because it is so divey that it is so cool. And because I almost always see someone I know. And it's walking distance from my house. And lots of people in upper-middle class white America would really dislike it. And people with unfashionable clothing and weird hair hang out there. And they smoke. And they play chess. And the Motorcycle Church hangs out there on Sunday Mornings. At least that's what we call it -- I don't know why they are there, but there are a lot of them. Apparently people with Crotch Rockets are allowed in now too. There are a couple of crazy people who hang out sitting in the outside seating in the summer that rock themselves back and forth and grin and talk to you and make you slightly uncomfortable because they don't make sense and you're left feeling unsure of how to respond. The coffee is cheap. The WiFi is free. The clientele is very diverse, including the Ethiopian Guys who hang out outside nightly during the summer and have animated conversations and interrupt themselves long enough to tell me what a beautiful boy Sam is......

And it might be a dive, but I like it there.


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